Happy 6th Anniversary

Dated: July 1 2020

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A day like today, six years ago, I started a new path with a little bit of uncertainty, lots of expectations and tons of optimism. I wanted to build an enterprise that could have an impact on people and that could contribute to achieve their dreams, alongside mine.
It was about a project that could make a difference for its values, its vision and the way things would be done. Was it always easy or free of obstacles down the road? No, because there were hurdles to overcome, barriers to defeat, but each and every one were also part of a great learning process. I put together a team of professionals and friends, each one of them with qualities, skills and talents that complement each other, thus making a perfect match. Adding to their abilities and unquestionable human quality, is also their most notable value: A passion for real estate and for good service that’s as big as my own. It’s a team that I’m proud to lead, that nurtures and inspires me every day.
Down this path, the clients became our friends. We made a connection with each client because we built relationships that are based on confidence and empathy. Each person that trusts us with his/her dream, has become an important part of the enterprise’s growth. To them, I owe my every effort. Home Miami Realtor is a lot more than a real estate enterprise. It’s also the sum of its alliances and personal projects, as well as the result of each and everyone’s contribution by believing in my dream and letting me be a part of theirs. We’re an enterprise of “people serving people”.
Celebrate with me.
Luz V. Abreu
Broker / Owner.
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Luz Abreu

Home Miami, Realtors is a Florida-based brokerage team dedicated to helping our clients make their homeownership goals realities. We believe in providing honest advice and personal service for success....

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