What If you Like Being Quarantined?

Dated: August 14 2020

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We know it, the recommendation that makes more sense in these times of pandemic is to stay home and limit social life as much as possible. 

But we also know that all this time at home has made us think a lot more about the space we live in, its virtues and its flaws.

So, the #IStayAtHome, whether we want it or not, makes us conscious of what we like and dislike, what is practical, what we are missing and what we want to change in our house. After all: who wouldn’t want to spend a quarantine at the house of their dreams?

If buying your dream house is not part of your plans for now, don’t be overwhelmed. We want to help you with your spaces in a different way, to look into those little corners with new eyes and a renewed light, so that your life gets a lot easier in this time of “new normality”. 

Welcome home dear friend 

Is there a bigger pleasure than coming through the door and realizing that everything is unpolluted? The emotion invades you, as you fell like you’re coming into a brand new house again, and you may even let a tear run down your cheek. A clean house is a relaxing house. Set yourself with the goal of making your house give you that sort of welcome all the time and try to keep it neat with little effort. 

Little simple pleasures

A simple action: Taking off your shoes… Walking barefoot feeling the different textures of the floor and the rugs that you have at home. Wonderful, right? That little daily pleasure is something nobody can’t take away from you and you can only experience it 100% in one place: your refuge.  

Do you think the kitchen is not for you?

You’re not expecting company. You’re home alone, but today is a special day. Set a perfect table without any special reason! 

Go to the kitchen and put on some music to cook your favorite meal and make an effort to set an ideal table that misses no details. You have a date with yourself. Enjoy it. 

A weekend without plans

Weekends are no longer what how we remember them. Maybe you aren’t having wild fun, but you do have a deck, a pool and the wonderful opportunity of not doing anything on the weekend. Take it or leave it? 

May the plants rule

For your house to have a bigger score in the scale of domestic happiness, you’ve got to make it look like a garden as much as possible. To take care of your plants every day and witness their evolution is one of those comforting sensations we’re talking about, which will make you feel great at home. 

Light and more light…

Depending on the orientation of your house, its most beautiful moment will be at a certain time or another during the day. Because everything depends on the light. If you happen to be at home at that momento and you observe how the sunlight illuminates your living room, creating a better interior than any Instagram filter can create, you’ll be able to see the best face of your home and you’ll fall in love with it, all over again.

Tell us what you’ve learned by staying at home and how you manage to fall in love with it again, every single day. 

#RideYourLifeAtHome ...

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