Everything You Need to Know About Coconut Grove

Here are some of the key reasons why Coconut Grove is such a great place to live:

• Beautiful waterfront location. Coconut Grove sits along Biscayne Bay, offering stunning views of the water and Miami skyline. Many homes and apartments have direct beachfront access or balconies overlooking the bay.

• Vibrant culture. Coconut Grove has a charming, eclectic vibe with many restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, and venues featuring live music, festivals, and events. There is always something happening.

• Walkable and bike-friendly. Coconut Grove is very walkable, with easy access within the neighborhood and to surrounding areas like South Beach or downtown Miami. It also has bike lanes and is on the Rickenbacker Causeway bike path.

• Upscale amenities. Despite its casual charm, Coconut Grove offers many upscale amenities like luxury condos, beach clubs, yacht clubs, golf clubs, spas, boutiques, and gourmet grocery stores and farmers markets.

• Safe and family-friendly. While lively, Coconut Grove has relatively low crime rates for a dense urban area. It also has highly rated schools, kid-friendly public spaces, and many families with children.

• Diverse, open, and progressive. Coconut Grove has a welcoming, diverse population and is known for being an open, liberal, and progressive community that embraces people of all backgrounds.

• Trendy and up-and-coming. Coconut Grove continues to become trendier and more upscale. This means property values have increased substantially, but it also means continuing improvement in amenities, attractions, events, and an overall more vibrant lifestyle.

• Access to Miami. Despite a semi-secluded feel, Coconut Grove still offers easy access to the rest of MiamiMiami Beach, South Beach, downtown Miami, Miami airports, and beyond via car, public transit, bike, or water taxi.

• Investment opportunity. Due to desirability and limited supply, real estate in Coconut Grove tends to hold and even gain value well over time. Properties can potentially build equity faster than in other parts of Miami.

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