Guess who is turning 8!

Eight years ago today, our Founder, Luz Abreu, embraced her entrepreneurial calling and saw an opportunity. Now, Home Miami Realtors has helped hundreds of families across South Florida with their Real Estate needs.

To celebrate this momentous milestone, we are sharing four reasons why HMR is so special:

Our Clients – People that’s committed to reaching their goals and dreams, which saw a perfect allied in our team.

Our commitment- The commitment our team displays to excellence is not just professional courtesy, but impressive. The HMR team takes tremendous pride in the work we produce. Excellence has been our primary focus from day one!

Our Tight-Knit Team - This year, with a solid 5-stars agents group, we can sincerely say our culture has never been stronger! Each individual brings a new light, perspective, and joy to our brokerage.

Our Founder- A business is only as respected and long-lasting as its leaders, and here at Home Miami Realtors, we have the best CEO around. Luz, without you, none of this would be possible. It’s taken eight years of your resilience, hustle, and bravery to build something from the ground up!

Now, eight years later, we continue building strong relationships that are based on trust, confidence and empathy. Each person that trusts us with their dreams, has become an important part of who we are. Today, We are happy, proud and more committed than ever.⁣  Thank you all for joining us on this amazing journey.

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