What the HMR Agents are saying

"I have been with Home Miami, Realtors and Luz Abreu since I started in the industry in 2014 and since the company's inception. At the time I had interviewed about 5 different firms none of which gave me the support, confident or environment where I thought I could succeed. As a young 18 year old with very little to no experience in the Industry I was looking for a solid support system. When I got the chance to meet with Luz Abreu, I immediately saw her determination, focus and support system where I saw myself growing, learning and improving.
More importantly I believe in the company's motto which is "Beyond Transactions, we create Relations" which to this day is the top reason for my success in the company.
Fast forward 8 years and I can honestly say joining Home Miami, Realtors & Luz Abreu has been the best decision I could have made for the development of my professional career. The support, encouragement, education (Not just the classroom education, but also real life applicable education), and accessibility offer from Luz Abreu and the Home Miami Realtors team has been very important to me. At this point, Home Miami Realtors & Luz Abreu are like family to me and their support throughout my entire career is undoubtedly a big factor for the success I get to see today.
If you are looking for an Honest, Transparent, Energetic, Encouraging, Educational, Focused, Supportive, Constantly Updated & Growing Brokerage, Luz Abreu & Home Miami Realtors are the right broker for you."
Bryan Roach 

"In Home Miami, Realtors you will find a great community of agents with high energy and willing to collaborate with each other. Is a family-type community with Luz as our broker. As a real estate associate in HMR, I am grateful with Luz and with the rockstar agents I have been able to met in the office."
Sharon Colon 

"As a new agent we must take the decision to find a broker, for me it was so easy to choose Home Miami, Realtors because I felt identified with the mission & values of the broker, Luz Abreu guides me all the time since the beginning of my career... she always pushing me, believe in me, challenge me and most important she is there when I need it. So proud to be HMR Elida Aguirre Real Estate Associate"
Elida Saraí Aguirre

"Luz Abreu is a Realtor/Broker with a high level of knowledge and professionalism. Her master degree in Marketing and her extensive experience as a sales executive has prepared her for the amazing realtor she is today. Luz is a multi-million dollars top producer in her market place. She goes well above and beyond for her clients and then they all become her friends. Luz has extensive knowledge of Real Estate not only at a local leve but also at the state level and also she has a network of realtors throughout the country. She no only can help her clients locally but also nationally as well. Luz spend a great deal of time educating herself each year by taking countless of classes and she has a network of successful realtors where she mastermind constantly. Luz' moning routing starts each day at 5:00am and she doesn't stop until late in the morning evening. Luz is the best at what she does because she is able and willing to put in the time needed to do so. Luz Abreu is the Kobe Bryant of Real Estate.
While most of us are sleeping she is out there practicing and learning new things to better help her clients. I recommend Luz Abreu without any hesitation to be your next Realtor"
Frank Beltre

"Tuve la oportunidad de ser executive Assistant de Home Miami Realtors a de ser agente en el equipo y estaba dia a dia trabajando muy cerquita con Luz, es una persona de integra, responsable, seria, transparente, mega disciplinada. Siempre está llevando la oficina a otro nivel con lo que a educación , sistemas y vanguardia se refiere dentro de Real Estate. Luz, Es de los pocos Brokers que se mantienen actualizada en su área, siempre aprendiendo para enseñar al equipo. Ella sobresale del resto y marca la diferencia. Me encanta que tiene un equipo de apoyo un sistema de coaching. Si tienes una meta de ser exitos@, Luz es la broker para ti porque esta día a día pendiente de tu progreso"
Ilen Brito

 "Luz Abreu is a committed professional with her clients and the group of agents that work with her, offering many years of experience, knowledge, guidance, successful transactions, and long-lasting relationships.
Always improving, learning, and growing to be the wonderful person and professional she is. In Home Miami, Realtors you will find a group of Real Estate professionals committed to giving the best of themselves, serving their clients and their real estate needs by offering support, treating clients with respect, and honesty, and constantly learning how to serve better, give the best advice and outstanding customer service to have successful results and a very memorable positive experience."
Jacqueline Pichardo

"I met Luz through social media and connected with her through her publications. When I met the rest of the agents in the office, I fell in love right away with their good energy. Their desire to succeed in the business and the hard work is contagious"
Lilly Prendes

"Working at Home Miami, Realtors has been a very rewarding experience for me, our Broker is truly one of the best I have ever worked with, she has taught me everything I know! She lends you support for whatever you need just like the rest of the team! The work environment is incredible, we are all like a big family!"
Mario Michel Lozano

"There are 3 reasons why i recommend agent to be part of Home Miami Realtors.
2- Experience
"Beyond Transactions, we create relationships"

Pilar Ehlers

"Luz is an amazing human being as well as an excellent professional. Passionate about what she does and inspirational for others in any way.Being part of her team has taught me not only how to act in order to be a successful person, but also the incredible hard work and effort any company should have to provide an excellent service to clients keeping this warm and friendly treat that allows you to connect incredibly with the ones you are surrounded by. Especially to offer them a very nice experience through whst can ve a stressful phase such as of buying, renting or maintaining a property. Thanks Luz for giving me a new tool for work and life every day since I started helping you out as an assistant."
Heidi Montes - Broker Assistant

"I have had the opportunity to work with Home Miami Realtors as Luz Abreu's Personal Assistant for more than one year and I can say that it has been a year full of experiences and a lot of learning. Luz has always been there every day to teach me and always aware of my progress as her assistant. If you want to progress and be a successful person, Luz Abreu and Home Miami Realtors will be the Broker to help you achieve your goals."
Valeria Fernandez - Broker Assistant

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